Web Hosting - the Network

The network is part of a state of the art Frame Relay network. This network currently has 14 nodes in the UK, including two UK gateways, and five international gateways featuring a DS3 (45Mbps) link to the USA. The use of Frame Relay enables us to virtually connect any two points on the network, reducing router hops and improving traffic performance.

The network is fully resilient with true redundancy on all network devices. All nodes are located in telephone exchange buildings and conform to the highest quality of security and physical environment conditions.

The network connects to numerous other networks around the world via our own dedicated circuits. This high level of connectivity with other networks ensures that your websites will fly onto the Internet at lightning speed across the globe.

Plan Overview

 10, 20, 50 or 100 MB Web space  Full e-mail Facilities
 FTP Account  Microsoft ASP Support
 Your own Domain Name  CGI Support
 iHTML Support  Technical Support
 FrontPage 2000 Support Online Control Panel

10, 20, 50 or 100 MB Webspace

You have the option of 10, 20, 50 or 100 MB of disk space on your personal account. 10 MB is more than enough for most websites. More storage space will normally only be needed if you are providing an online archive or service. As a rough guide, 10 MB is enough for 100 pages with some graphical content.

Full e-mail Facilities

You will be able to receive any e-mail sent to anyname@yourname.com. We will issue you with unlimited full POP3 e-mail accounts, which will receive all of your e-mail. Alternatively, you can opt to have e-mail sent to your domain name forwarded to an existing e-mail address.

FTP Account

You will be issued with an FTP account so that you can upload the files for your website.

iHTML Support

iHTML Professional  Edition is installed on our servers. iHTML is a powerful server side scripting language which can rapidly speed up website development. Documentation for iHTML is available at Inline Software.

Microsoft ASP Support

ASP is similar to iHTML. It is a powerful tool for creating dynamic content and connecting to ODBC databases. Documentation for ASP is available at Microsoft.

Your own Domain Name

Logicart can register and host your choice of domain name for use on your personal account. This gives a very professional web presence (i.e. www.yourname.co.uk).

Full CGI Support

Each domain on your server will have its own CGI-bin directory, enabling full and unrestricted use of CGI scripts. A Perl 5.0 interpreter is installed on the server.

FrontPage 2000 Support

FrontPage 2000 extensions are available on your domain hosted with us. This allows you to take advantage of Microsoft's in built extensions, and publication wizard.
Note: There is an additional charge for this service.

Technical Support

We offer world class technical support via e-mail and telephone. 


Prices start at only 200 per year. Contact us and we will tailor the right package to your requirements.

The following are optional extras:

FrontPage 2000 extensions 

25.00 (per domain per year)

UK Domain Name Registration

35.00 (per year)

US Domain Name Registration

45.00 (per year)

Live Stats (Example)

35.00 (per year per domain)

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